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16 More Things That Change When You Upgrade Your Wardrobe & Improve Your Style

Often I meet men who tell me that they are comfortable in the clothes they wear, even though they admit that they don’t look good in them.

Most of them don’t see the benefit of dressing up and so they just wear cargo pants, flip flops, and T-shirts.

1. You don’t wear tennis socks anymore and invest in over the calf socks and become a little more daring with sock colors

2. You consider going sockless with loafers in the summer

3. You try to match the color of your belt and shoes, and your shoes now need shoe trees

4. You think about getting a pair of suspenders

5. People remember you as the stylish guy even though they have only met you once

6. You don’t want to take your jacket off anymore

7. Flip Flops are a thing of the past (or at least exclusively for the beach or sauna)

8. You get rid of your brightly-colored shirts and invest instead in pastel tones

9. You say goodbye to square-toed shoes and you try to understand the difference between Blake, Blake Rapid and Goodyear Welting.

10. Your new suit gives you a V-shape as if you had worked out 5 times a week at the gym

11. You begin to understand the power of appearance

12. Matching colors and patterns in an interesting way becomes your new sport

13. Your standards get higher and higher and you don’t need a salesperson anymore when it comes to shopping for clothes — you are less likely to get sucked into “good deals” if the fit is not right

14. Your dry cleaner knows who you are and gives you a volume discount

15. People who knew you as a child or teenager comment favorably on your Facebook photos

16. You only use shoe horns to put on shoes and shoe shining becomes very important

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 17, 2021

Guilty again on all counts.

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