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Kristie A.

I have to say after having an awful experience at other shops

 Gary got it all right he had the personal experience and willingness to sit with us and custom make a suit for us all on a compressed timeline. I can’t thank you enough.

Justin M.

Gary is entirely to thank for the 5 stars. My fiancé and I came in looking for a custom suit for our wedding and Gary went above and beyond for us! He was the right balance of professional and friendly! He took his time measuring my fiancé and he made sure everything was perfect. He did a great job of juggling us and other customers as they came in. I really appreciate that as my fiancé was changing, Gary came up to me and made sure I was happy with it! How awesome! That was just our first visit!

When the jacket was ready and we came back, we made sure that Gary was there to help us. We told him in our prior visit that we needed pants and they were already with our jacket when we arrived! I was floored by how amazing the jacket fit my fiancé - I was honestly expecting a few alterations needed here and there but no! Gary did the damn thing! Again, he took his time with us and made sure we were happy. He brought out different styles of shoes to make sure we were getting the look we wanted. He went above and beyond!! He brought out a magazine to show us certain looks which just goes to show his professionalism and dedication to the industry.

I am SO happy we met Gary and he took care of everything we needed for our wedding, including the groomsmen suits.

I strongly urge you to call and ask for Gary before you go because he made our dreams come true with this suit!

Christian Y

As this is my first suit, I went to a variety of stores but this establishment just spoke to me. Collected, well thought out, willing to work and hear out a customer. Can’t wait to sport this with my lady at my best friends wedding!

We couldn't be more thrilled with the customer service and friendly manner.  We popped by this store on a whim while shopping for my fiancé's suit for our wedding.  Our experience was so positive that we will be back to shop for other occasions.  Highly recommended!ing !

Jennifer D.

Chris  M.

I bought the Paul Parkmen Mens Tassel loafer. Black and purple,

What a fantastic, beautiful, elegant, comfortable shoe!

One of this best shoes I've ever owned. I receive the best comments every time a wear them.

The quality it exceptional, I could not be  happier!

Thanks G!

Great service. Definitely would recommend to others. The quality of the coat I bought is fantastic!


Bought two suits here. Wide selection of materials to choose from, professional, friendly service. These are the best fitting suits I've ever owned.

John O.

You have Gary! He made it all perfect for us! We hope you realize what a gift Gary is as the face of this location. He is knowledgeable, professional, personable, and a genuine thoughtful and caring individual. Thank you Gary for helping my son choose the perfect suit for his wedding day! Wow, you nailed it!

A. Parrish

I recently purchased a suit from Henricks and had an absolutely excellent experience.    When I got my suit back it exceeded my expectations.   Thank You Gary I will be back for another suit.  I highly recommend Henricks

Maxwell C.

Antonio  B.

This is a great place to learn and understand the importance of having a suit made custom, from the fit, feel, quality and comfort. The owner is patient and passionate about helping you through the process. Gary is amazing and know how to cater to your needs; even the ones you are unaware
The picture posted is the second process of my measurements. Where, Gary pulls from separate suit pieces to adjust the fit of my customized design suit to the desired fit.

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