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How to care for your Henricks custom suit.

Wool is a remarkable fiber. It’s all-natural, renewable, and biodegradable. It performs incredibly well across different seasons and climates. It’s a natural insulator, but its unique properties make it breathable as well, depending on the warmth and humidity surrounding it. Its resiliency makes it highly resistant to tearing and breaking. Its elasticity gives a natural stretch, but returns to its natural shape afterwards rather than deforming. Wool is colorfast even after getting wet. It is odor resistant, is not an allergen, has a high level of UV protection, and doesn’t promote bacteria growth. It’s also long-lasting and easy to care for.

A well-made and properly maintained suit will last for years.

Most Gentlemen tend to dry clean their suits too often, which shortens its lifespan. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your Henricks Custom garment:

Rotate your suits. Wear a suit only once or twice a week at most, and allow for a few days between uses. This allows it to recover its shape and release wrinkles accumulated throughout the day.

  1. Get an extra pair of trousers whenever possible. The trousers get the most use and will wear out more quickly than the jacket, so rotating the trouser can extend the life of the suit significantly.

  2. Brush it off with a suit brush after use. It removes any excess dust or dirt that could settle into the fibers.

  3. Hang it well. Use a hanger with a wide shoulder and the proper curve to preserve the shape of the shoulders. Hang the trouser correctly to preserve creases.

  4. Let it breathe after use on its hanger. Give it a good amount of space to air out before being put back into close quarters amongst its fellows.

  5. Treat and spot clean any stains whenever possible.

  6. Avoid dry cleaning. The high temperatures and chemicals deteriorate the fibers, and the pressing machines flatten the chest and lapels. Once a year is usually sufficient if it must be done. Be sure to find a cleaner that will take good care with your suit.

  7. Don’t steam the suit or put it into a steamy bathroom to release wrinkles. It might successfully get rid of a few wrinkles, but it also could make the rest of the suit lose the shape that’s been expertly pressed into the cloth with heat and pressure. Wool fiber has a memory, and steam can cause the fibers to lose it. We recommend you use this Crease Release solution instead.

  8. Alter when necessary.

  9. For storage, ensure the above steps of brushing and hanging are completed, and place in a garment bag or suit cover to keep it free from dust and away from moths.

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