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Understanding Quality Menswear

Essentially, quality is “the standard of something higher than other goods of the same kind” or “the degree of excellence of something.” So, in short, it’s thought through to a better degree, manufactured in a smarter, more purposeful way that uses more high-quality ingredients, and something that outlasts other things of a similar nature.

For example, a skinny pair of fine dress socks made of high-quality, two-ply cotton with a long-staple length will probably not last as long as your white pair of tennis socks, which is made out of a blend of single-ply, short-staple cotton, and artificial fibers.

In today’s marketplace, the term “quality” is often misused. Why? Well, stores have realized if they mention “quality,” they’re more likely to get the sale. In my mind, it’s crazy that it works so easily without even asking “why.” Why is something quality, and why does it matter? This is something we love to do at the Gentleman’s Gazette, and we put it into practice in our series “Is It Worth It?”, where we review iconic products of often high prices and see if they’re really worth your money or not.


Even though the market, in general, seems to be moving in the direction of cheaper and faster, the internet has allowed like-minded peers to connect. And, personally, I find that there has been a resurgence in the quality of smaller, very focused brands that truly believe in higher-end goods. These individuals don’t just believe in quality but also in a purposefully-built wardrobe.

For example, a capsule allows you to always have something to wear and have items that are classic that can be combined with all the other things in your closet. Having pieces that don’t need to be replaced all the time and having pieces that are versatile will reduce your cost per wear in the long term.

Because of that, you can afford to spend more on individual items, which means you get something that is produced in a better way, made out of more high-quality materials that feel better and fit better. It’s also less likely to go out of style, and it is environmentally a lot more responsible and sustainable, and eco-friendly. How so? By choosing a timeless wardrobe that has to be replaced less often, you are by definition greener, ecologically-responsible, and sustainable.

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