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25 More Things That Change When You Upgrade Your Wardrobe & Improve Your Style

Often I meet men who tell me that they are comfortable in the clothes they wear, even though they admit that they don’t look good in them.

Most of them don’t see the benefit of dressing up and so they just wear cargo pants, flip flops, and T-shirts.

1. You realize your body is asymmetrical – your right shoulder is a tad lower than your left one, and your right thigh is slimmer than your left

2. You start to see the scourge of oversized jacket armholes everywhere

3. You start wearing a tie to work

4. You will iron shirts better than your mother

5. You buy your first knit tie

6. Compliments from people who don’t dress well themselves mean less to you

7. Your alterations tailor knows you by your first name, and you know where to get hats reblocked

8. You don’t want in your jacket

9. You understand the difference between a full canvas and a half canvas jacket

10. When you travel, you always look for nice haberdasheries or men’s accessories stores

11. You realize that your suit or jacket looks very different with a few new accessories

12. You buy more accessories and get rid of the shiny $5 silk ties you had since you were a teenager

13. Materials become important to you and you check if a sweater is made of wool or blended with polyester

14. Other people are more likely to flirt with you

15. You take a closer look at your dry cleaner, washing machine, iron, and ironing board because you don’t want to ruin your investment pieces

16. You realize sunglasses are not just functional but that different kinds work better with certain outfits than others

17. When people see you in gym clothes they are surprised

18. People will argue less frequently with you and you will achieve your goals in discussions more easily

19. Acquaintances are more likely to invite you to parties

20. The name Alan Flusser means something to you

21. You start reading blogs, websites and magazines about men’s clothing style

22. GQ, Esquire etc. become superficial and you realize they are not worth your time anymore

23. Things like 6×1 DB, MoP and Scye mean something to you

24. People want to take selfies with you

25. Co-workers and superiors compliment you on your presentations at work

Most men don’t realize that they could probably earn more money, attract more attention from potential partners, and be taken more seriously if they dressed well. Of course, dressing is a process and it takes some time, but at the end of the day, it is always worth it.

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