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Suit Care

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Every man should take care for the suits in the wardrobe. To have a suit is not so simple, you should take care of it, so it will be your best friend no matter the occasion.Good clothing that is properly maintained always looks better than more expensive clothing that is neglected. We present you some simple advises for caring for your suit:


1.Brushing your suitis very effective method of removing unwanted dust particles and dirt prior to it setting into the fabric.

2.Instead of hanging in the closetstraight from use, you should allow your suit to properly ventilate on a stand or chair.

3.NEVER iron your suit directly- the exposure to high heat can cause the natural fibres to smoothen, creating a shine.

4.Immediately remove stainsby blotting the surface with a dry white cloth. Using water will only cause the stain to set quicker and scrubbing damages the fabric.

5. When you purchase a suitremove it from the plastic covering once you get home. Plastic can emit fumes which, over time, can weaken the suits fibers.

6. If you reside in an area of the country that has four distinct seasons, it is important to have your suitsdry cleanedprior to being put away in a suit bag at the beginning of spring or fall.

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